VBI Vaccine (VBIV) Stock is Consolidating After The Recent Fall

The VBI Vaccine Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) stock experienced a sharp fall recently however the potential coronavirus play is currently in consolidation mode.

VBI Vaccine (VBIV) Stock is Consolidating After The Recent Fall

Stock in consolidation mode can often break into a rally and that is one of the reasons why such stocks may be followed. There has been no news with regards to the company in recent times but back in March, the company had made a major announcement with regards to its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Back on March 11, VBI announced that it started a Phase I/II study into the VBI 2902, its vaccine candidate. It is a significant development and it is almost certain that the results of this phase of the study are going to be watched closely by investors. In this particular phase of the study, the immunogenicity, tolerability, and safety of the product are going to be evaluated. While the stock continues to consolidate it might be the right time for investors to add the stock to their watch lists.

Michael Rowels

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