VeChain Will Now Make Appearance In Europe

In 2021, the VeChain Foundation saw many significant developments, some of which are game-changing. To support the continuous growth, the VeChain Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its new headquarters in Europe. This move will allow the VeChain Foundation to better serve its community and expand its reach in key markets.

In June 2019, VeChain Foundation CEO Sunny Lu was invited to join a special ceremony held by the San Marino government to discuss the country’s goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral nation.

Following the successful implementation of its digital ambitions, the VeChain Foundation was invited to relocate its headquarters to San Marino. San Marino has a robust blockchain-based regulatory framework that is ideal for startups and blockchain-based businesses.

Its advanced regulatory framework will help the Vechain Foundation carry out its operations efficiently. The VeChain Foundation is planning on expanding its technology footprint in Europe. The new technology team will be based in Ireland and overseen by Antonio Senatore, the new Head of Technology for the VeChain Foundation. The team will focus on accelerating the growth of the VeChainThor network through the development of various frameworks and tools.