Vega Protocol Is One Of The Sponsors Of ETHDenver

Vega Protocol is a protocol designed to create decentralized markets, for which it also creates the necessary tools. It seeks to replace the current financial system with a new, fair, and inclusive one. For this, the high-performance platform uses Tendermint, which also ensures the security of transactions. It has a VEGA token used for voting, staking, and managing settings. This coin has been worth $6 for the past seven days. But the price jumped 43% to $8.6 at midnight Asian time. The current CMC ranking is #399, with a market cap of $90,534,097.

Vega said it was excited to sponsor ETHDenver. There are also other sponsors: Octopus Network, which is the crypto network for Appchains launches, and Ceramic Network, a data protocol that provides user data management solutions for creators. ETHDenver is a festival that was created as a result of understanding that blockchain interoperability creates unlimited possibilities. Thus, its goal is to bring together chains and technologies that are not related to Ethereum. The festival will take place from February 11 to 17, where participants can communicate, share and learn from each other.