Verasity Surges Amid The Third Quarter Report

The world of crypto is diverse and multifaced. When some of the coins dip the others skyrockets on the cryptograph endowing its owners with profit. For the last day, Verasity has surged 4%, moving on the chart upwards from $0.03809330 and closing the trading session at $0.03968768. The move is explained by the latest third-quarter report, which exceeds all expectations made by analysts.

The original target for the Q3 was to provide some minor updates to ESports Fight Club, however, Verasity has been busy with rebuilding a completely new esports tournament site from scratch. Along with its partnerships, Verasity will launch a completely new esports platform early in Q4 with significant partnership tournament announcements. Furthermore, VRA has rolled out the side chain with the VeraAdStack and entered a closed Beta implementation of VeraViews running on Proof of View, and the next step will be to integrate the Esports Platform into the enterprise distribution video platform.