Verizon Communications (VZ) Organizes A Women’s CoLab To Help With Post-Covid Times

Despite the progress made in addressing gender equality, approximately 5.4 million women lost their jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19. To help them re-enter the workforce and achieve their career goals, Verizon and its partners launched Women’s CoLab.

VZ stock trades lower and lower in the market recently. It’s trading at $52.19 in the pre-market today. Today, Women’s CoLab, a division of Verizon Business, announced that it has launched Women’s Agenda, a campaign designed to help women reach their professional goals and thrive in their careers.

The Women’s CoLab community, which is led by Verizon, today launched an event celebrating Women’s Day. During the event, which can be viewed on YouTube, some of the country’s most influential female executives will share their career advice and experiences. Women’s CoLab is a library of resources and peer support that will help women reach their goals and ambitions.