VeThor Token (VTHO) Falls Today: An Indicator Of Further Gain?

Looking at the cryptograph, VeThor Token has been plummeting for the whole day bringing up the 2% decrease of the coin’s price. Now, the coin has gone down on the market capitalization rank and placing #188 rank. VeThor Token is a VIP-180 standard token that bears the cost of using the VeChainThor blockchain. The main focus of cryptocurrency is to facilitate processes and transactions in the blockchain.

If we consider VeThor as a coin to invest in, it could be a good choice because the coin has added almost 1500% since the beginning of 2021. VTHO is a token that powers the VeChainThor blockchain along with the VeChain. According to crypto analysts, the coin can reach the $1 mark at the end of 2025. Finally, VeThor is an Ethereum-based token so the price valuation of ETH will directly influence the price of VTHO.