ViaDerma (VDRM) Soars Big Amid The Company Goes Debt Free

If a company manages to clear all its debts then it suddenly becomes a far more attractive proposition for many investors and hence, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at the ViaDerma Inc (OTC: VDRM) stock.

ViaDerma (VDRM) Soars Big Amid The Company Goes Debt Free

The ViaDerma stock was on a roll on Tuesday after the company announced that it managed to pay off all the remaining toxic convertible debt. In addition to that, it also resulted in the company becoming fully free of any debts at this point.

On the back of that announcement, the stock soared on Tuesday and went up by as high as 79% as investors piled on to it in a big way. The total debt owed by the company stood at as huge as $869,900 and consisted of as many as five convertible notes that belonged to different creditors. The debts had been incurred by the company back in 2016. In light of the announcement, it now remains to be seen if investors continue to flock to the ViaDerma stock today.

Anthony Gonzales

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