Virgin Galactic Could Use Sintx’s Silicon Nitride To Make Efficient Spacecrafts

Affordable space tourism isn’t real yet but technologies are prepared and only fast-reacting companies may use this opportunity. They only need to collect puzzles to build cheaper but efficient spaceships that can carry several cosmic tourists.

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) has been trying many things to make the space tourists spend as low as they pay for flights around the earth. Later, SpaceX and Blue Origin joined this competition and investors started believing in the reality of affordable space traveling.

A recent breakthrough of Sintx (NASDAQ: SINT) in finding the potential of silicon nitride in applying for several industries. Ceramics formed silicon nitride could be vastly used inside the spacecraft and the turbine engine may take advantage of it by replacing metals for extreme conditions. As compared to metals the silicon nitride obviously costs cheaper in designing the turbine engine and complicated items as well.