Virgin Galactic’s Stock Rises Amid Space Tourism Seems Possible From SpaceX

Traveling around the earth becomes boring to rich and cosmic journey to other space objects like the moon and planet Mars has seemingly become real due to the efforts of space tech corporations. Recent transportation performance of SpaceX proves that in a couple of years middle class could afford to fly beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Major competitors of SpaceX are working on making space tourism cheaper and available to anyone. For instance, Virgin Galactic has been working on this mission since 2004 via getting aid from other Virgin companies of Richard Branson. The successful December 2018 flight test has already indicated upcoming flights of Blue Origin and SpaceX.

Visionary investors with long term purposes see the full potential in publicly traded Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE). They might end up receiving dividends when revenue generation will come from space traveling.

Blue Origin and SpaceX are not offering their shares to the public yet while SPCE enjoys stable growth by increasing its market cap. Before it gets expensive, new traders could consider getting a few lots.