Vivos Continues To Move Higher: Up 250% in 3 Week

If you are in the hunt for a stock that might have recorded significant gains in recent weeks then you could consider taking a closer look at the Vivos Inc (OTC: RDGL) stock.

Over the course of the past three weeks alone, the stock managed to record gains of as much as 250%. However, that is not all. The Vivos stock was in focus on Thursday as well and managed to deliver gains of as much as 44%.

Although there was no news that could have boosted the Vivos stock yesterday, it might be a good idea to take a look at development from December 2020.

Back on December 1 last year, the company announced that it received a positive Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Search Report regarding its patent application. Vivos revealed that as many as seven of the claims from the company were judged as inventive, novel, and has industrial applications.

Vivos Continues To Move Higher: Up 250% in 3 Week

Alex Krakowsky

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