Vivos Therapeutics Is Announcing Significant Increases Across Several Key Metrics For Its HST

Since yesterday, Vivos Therapeutics’ stock market is demonstrating an excellent growth of $2.3000 by more than 41% profit. Before gaining momentum, the company suffered a big crash to $1.6300, and now in the pre-market trading session, it is open at $2.2000. However, VVOS stock is up due to news about their SleepImage Home Sleep Apnea Tests (HST). It may be a good idea to take a closer look at the statement.

Vivos Therapeutics

SleepImage Home Sleep Apnea Tests (HST) demonstrated an 18 times increase in the use of its test over the last three months when compared to the same period of the year prior. The number of VIPs administering HSTs has increased by 5.7 times, while the average number of HSTs administered per VIP has increased by three times. Vivos was able to renegotiate its commercial deal with SleepImage due to its strong performance, resulting in significant cost savings. In accordance with this, with Sleppimage, Vivos Therapeutics will lease SleepImage ring recorders to dentists trained in Vivos.