VLCN Stock: Will Volcon Beat Q4 Estimates By Selling Brat E-Bikes?

When cars are urged to be electrified so the turn comes to motorcycles to remove internal combustion engines as well. A prominent ePowersports manufacturer Volcon is fully equipped to penetrate the e-bike market now. Today it is selling its affordable Brat e-bike that is not only a typical one but can go off-road too just like its first-class Grunt motorcycle.

If Volcon is already selling Brat e-bike starting from $2,799 now in Q4 it might show pretty nice revenue results. The estimated revenue and earnings could also be beaten then.

The only challenge for Volcon is its Chinese counterparts which can copy its bikes and sell them two times cheaper than Brat for instance. If the company is juristically ready to fight for copyrights its shareholders may enjoy sweet returns in upcoming years.

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