Volatility Protocol Is Mooning Today Over 6,8%: What’s The Deal?

Today, Volatility Protocol (VOL) price is $0.413770 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,742. The Volatility Protocol is a home for composable volatility models. VOL provides robust and composable volatility feeds for decentralized applications. Volatility Protocol is a framework that enables financial firms to develop unique products by combining robust volatility modeling with other money-legos. The volatility protocol is governed through a voting system and eventually operates as a community-owned DAO. Its core technology is the VOL token.

In January 2021, we entered the Ethereum Global MarketMake Hackathon to develop a model-free volatility measure that will be used for Bitcoin and Ether. The goal was to create a usable crypto volatility metric that the DeFi community could use. Volatility Protocol team now includes academics and practitioners in various fields of mathematics, economics, and volatility modeling. Volatility Protocol also is working on developing a series of specialized volatility measures that are built on the ground up.