Vystar (VYST) Pops 40% On Adding New Products

Such a nice eco-friendly products developer Vystar (OTC: VYST) is still kept low profile life in the less crowded U.S stock market. After announcing a possible reverse merger with Rotmans, adding RxAir NewCo air purifier, Vytex latex subsidiaries have pushed the stock to $0.0099 on 40 million shares.

Vystar Contracts Partners for Production of Rx3000 UV Light

Vystar CEO says, “We have been approached by parties interested in different Vystar divisions. We always explore options, but after thorough analysis, we believe that a reverse merger by a significant furniture retailer or other manufacturers into Vystar could yield a four to six times multiple over a buyout. Rather than a one-time buyout payment, a specifically targeted reverse merger could create a combined entity that could have significantly higher revenue ($100 to $150 million), increased buying power to achieve greater economies of scale for enhanced profits ($10 to $15 million) and a higher PE ratio. Ultimately, we believe this would support a significantly higher share price and greater market cap.”