Walmart (WMT) Stock is Still Dancing Around $140 Mark

Walmart Stock started going up slowly on April 28. Then it declined sharply and reached the bottom of $134. In mid-May, it rose steeply and shares started floating around $140. At the moment, the shares are worth $142.36.

Walmart (WMT) Stock is Still Dancing Around $140 Mark

The collaboration of two big companies, Walmart and AT&T, will help more people access the Internet. Walmart and AT&T teamed up to offer clients, who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19, select home internet for a small price or for free. Emergency Broadband Benefit Program offers these offers. Customers can find suitable plans on or at more than 2,300 Walmart stores nationwide by making a prepayment.

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EBB is a federal government program that helps customers temporarily by giving $50 per month ($75 per month on qualifying Tribal lands) on home internet or wireless services. Walmart and AT&T leaders confirmed that they want to make the Internet more accessible to everyone affected by the coronavirus.

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