Web3 Inu Aims To Rule Metaverse With Its Brand New Game Soon

Web3 Inu, a startup working on an online gaming concept called “Rent-to-Earn”, has launched its token concept. The concept is based on Web 3.0 technology and allows users to interact with off-chain and on-chain layers. The team’s goal is to create a metaverse where users can perform various business operations, such as renting and selling. The Web3 Inu token is an ERC-based governance token that will be used in the startup’s Phase 1 of development. The concept of Rent-to-Earn is different from Blockchain gaming. Instead of using the same code, it uses two different economies: off-chain and on-chain.

Web3 Inu

The game utilizes NFTs as the assets within the game. They can be used for renting and buying properties in the metaverse. The total amount of $WEB3 tokens is 100 trillion. Its ability to burn 0.55% of the total transaction volume makes it one of the most valuable tokens in the world. The game is expected to launch in February 2022 and is already in talks with various blockchain platforms. Unlike other monster-killing games, Web3 Inu features a more robust and complex game mechanic. Its developers promise more enhancements will be added in the future.