Weekend’s Trending Stock To Quick Returns: Puget Technologies

Since the 15th of December 2020, a very penny stock from OTC, Puget Technologies (PUGE) managed to soar more than 320% on a daily average volume of 137,545,516 shares. Originally, Puget has been dealing with personal 3D printers but then B-29 energy drinks didn’t bother the company to develop and distribute them across several states of America.

Weekend's Trending Stock To Quick Returns: Puget Technologies

Such a funny stock that costs pennies can never leave your minds resting since it is steadily growing and attracting many new traders who increase demand for the shares dramatically. The current $0.0030 price is still cheap for short term players as they want to quit the stock with over 500% returns.

Perhaps, next week PUGE will likely show a drastic jump of 1000% as penny stock usually soars with the aid of purchasing several thousand shares. For now, watching the stock is absolutely wise for profit-oriented investors. Soon, traders will normally see the stock appearing in search trends of Yahoo Finance and Google Finance.


Emile Ortega

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