WELL Health Technologies (WELL.TO) Stock Is Unsuccessful Moving By Losing 17%

The stock of WELL Health Technologies is remarkably increased from Can$7.90 on June 21 to Can$8.85 on July 5. After stock fluctuated the next nine days between Can$8.18 and Can$8.35, the price remarkably fell from Can$8.20 on July 12 to Can$7.28 on July 19. Furthermore, the stock increased and decreased by fluctuating and now is open at Can$7.62.WELL, Health Technologies Corp. announced today the formation of WELL Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WELL with the mission of investing in exceptional leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses supporting the global digital health ecosystem, focusing on advancing innovative digital health initiatives in Canada.

WELL has already established a successful experience of implementing venture investments in early-stage digital healthcare companies, including INSIG, Circle Medical, Phelix.ai, The Fertility of Pillways, and Branches. These portfolio companies have benefited from receiving capital investments from WELL and strategic leadership and access to WELL’s extensive network of clinics and practitioners. Both INSIG and Circle Medical have demonstrated exceptional growth since WELL’s initial investment, leading to significant subsequent investments, and in the case of INSIG, the subsequent acquisition of WELL.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor