Wemade Launches The GalaxyTornado Game On WEMIX 

During the day, the price of WEMIX, which showed excellent results, rose by 12% along the green line to $6.16. Wemix is a blockchain ecosystem giving a market cap of almost $754,931,528, while its trading volume is $625,726,561 by 295% in the last 24 hours. In addition, the platform is being developed by Wemade Tree, a subsidiary of Wemade, which is engaged in the blockchain business. Wemade has released a new blockchain game called “GalaxyTornado on WEMIX” worldwide.


GalaxyTornado is available on Google Play on the global market, in North America, Europe, and Asia, except for countries such as South Korea and China. English, Spanish, and Arabic will be among the 15 languages supported in the game. Hence, NT Games, the company that created the game GalaxyTornado, has excellent experience in development around the world, including games such as Girls’ Life, Ocean Tales, as well as collectible games like Goddess Kiss and Age Of War. Finally, the WEMIX team is launching an online Airdrop event in connection with the release of the ROS pre-sale event.