Whales Silently Buying It: Thailand’s Nok Airlines (NOKPF)

On Tuesday Nok Airlines (OTC: NOKPF) made a sudden jump on several thousand shares but today it is rallying by as cosmic as 350% with an aid of unseen traders who really love airline stocks.

Thailand has been partially locked for some tourists and it seems to be open soon. So, Nok Airlines has just got optimistic buyers who are passionate to invest in hardly hit tourism stocks. OTC market is always crazy by exciting traders’ eyes with quick jumps and falls.

NOKPF has already a $1 value and a typical assumption comes to our minds that the stock will hit $10 as tourists will flock to Thailand as normal as before. So let’s hope even Asian airlines will soar in value in a very short.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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