What Affects The Price Of A Palantir Technologies Stock?

Palantir Technologies is contributing to the fight against extremism by preparing the software system for use by the US intelligence group. For example, Palantir Gotham gets a software platform from Palantir Technologies for determining patterns in datasets, and Palantir Foundry has a platform for changing the way organizations work. Over the past business days, the price of PLTR has plummeted and as a result, on January 10, the stock was trading at the lowest price in a year at $ 15.44, which is only $ 6.41 more than the initial price. But, fortunately, before the close of trading, the cost rose albeit slightly to $ 16.50.

It should be noted that the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 indices were down 1.2% and 1.9%, respectively. And the new macroeconomic environment has impacted investor sentiment towards growth-dependent stocks, leading to a drop in the price of PLTR. Nevertheless, management expects revenues to grow more than 30% each year over 3 years. This is quite possible, since in 2019 the revenue growth was almost 30%, in 2020 it grew by 47%, in 2021 by 45%. Please note: this article is not financial advice.