What Are Ladyminers’ Plans For The First Quarter Of 2022?

Ladyminers is a P2E game on BSC designed to collect NFTs to be used in an RPG game where you conquer as many spaces as possible. Additionally, through Ladyminers, you can generate assets to trade on the BSC, which will become rewards for resource mining in the metaverse. Its native YTTRIUM token is trading at $0.36, up 52% from yesterday’s price. Early this morning, the price reached a daily high of $0.83, after which it commenced declining. Market capitalization is $345,806. 


Developers are introducing an oracle system in order to provide a guarantee of the economic balance of the ecosystem. In the first quarter of the new year, Ladyminers intends to launch the game, start selling guns and NFTs, increase the number of developers, etc. Wandering around the main site of the platform, you involuntarily notice, due to the abundance of information about the NFT, that this project pays special attention to it: you are advised to collect unique handcrafted NFTs to lead large mines, or players can access NFTs by creating tokens, as well as the team will create high-quality products under the customer’s NFT brand.