What Are The Expected Results Of GrowGeneration For Q4 And Fiscal Year 2021

GrowGeneration, formerly Easylife, owns a chain of 62 stores, one-third in California, selling all gardening supplies, nutrients, seeds, filters, humidifiers, and more. Last year the number of acquired stores amounted to 24. In addition, it operates hydroponics stores and online stores, whose customers are mainly those who grow organic and medicinal plants. In today’s trading, its stock is worth $10.31, although a few hours ago the price was below $9.9. It commenced declining in January, and before that, it remained stable at $13.5 for two weeks. GrowGeneration currently has a market capitalization of $622.6M and a trading volume of almost $4 million.


GrowGeneration announced expected results for 2021. According to the report, revenue for this period will be no less than $420 million and no more than $422 million, which is about $238 million more than in 2020. Revenue in the fourth quarter could reach $90 million, but with all expenses, the loss could be $2 million in the same quarter. Store sales are expected to surge 24% compared to 2020 while decreasing by 12% in Q4 versus the same quarter in 2020. Moreover, at the beginning of this year, it acquired Mobile Media, a rack manufacturer. Audited financial statements will be provided in March this year.