What Are The Prospects For The Future Of Dai?

The dynamics of DAI’s price during the week are unstable. Today, the price is $1.00 (+0.06%). There are around 200 stablecoins in circulation around the world. Some projects have already been completed, while others are still in the planning stages. Others are still actively developing and strengthening their positions. The DAI cryptocurrency is a finished project, which many experts regard as a benefit.

DAI’s biggest advantage is decentralization, with a market capitalization of $80,962,353.89 (lower than almost all major competitors). DAI is now the only more or less well-known stablecoin backed by cryptocurrency collateral and governed by smart contracts. Furthermore, the coin’s capitalization is constantly increasing. We can discuss the growing desire from people who require a secure and transparent stablecoin, given the peculiarities of the DAI cryptocurrency situation. However, you should not expect a profit from DAI deposits. The coin can only be used as a tool for keeping and stabilizing digital assets because it can deviate by 5% from the exchange rate.