What Changes Does CytoDyn Face In The Board Of Directors?

On January 26, the company that develops leronlimab is undergoing temporary changes. CytoDyn’s Board of Directors announced the management transition plan. The current CFO, Antonio Migliarese becomes president of the company for a certain period. And the old CEO is no longer on the Board of Directors since Monday. The remaining members of the board will continue their work at the biotech company and further achieve the company’s goals. The first month of this year brings only losses. In January, the company’s stock fell by about 47%. The current price is $0.5270.


CytoDyn’s CMO noted that amid clinical progress of leronlimab now is passing an important stage for the company as the Board needs to choose a worthy candidate who has an excellent background and experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. The future permanent CEO will have to show the ability to use the full potential of leronlimab. The Board of Directors chose Tanya Durkee Urbach as the new Chairman of the Board instead of Scott A. Kelly, however, he remains on the Board. Tanya Durkee has good experience in business development, corporate governance, corporate finance, and securities litigation.