What Could Save Polestar (PSNY) Stock From Continuous Bearish Move?

Swedish Polestar EV maker has already proven to be self-sustainable according to last quarter’s revenue but organically negative earnings should exist now before the company kicks off the breakeven. Currently, Nasdaq: PSNY has joined the majority of stocks by losing more than 37% in value since September 15.

Most used precise indicators like UT BOT, AlphaTrend, and Range Filter signaled us to sell PSNY stock within a one-hour time frame two weeks ago.

alpha trend

Range Filter indicator is still holding to its sell command after witnessing under $8 price.

The Ut Bot strategy indicator gave a sell signal when the stock was above the $8 mark.

The same signal came from the Range Filter.

On October 12 the company will premiere its Polestar 3, an SUV electric car in Copenhagen, Denmark. Perhaps, European stock traders will demand more PSNY shares after the show.