What If Clean Energy Buys Blink Charging?

Clean Energy (NASDAQ: CLNE) usually claims natural gas is abundant and economically viable and is increasingly being adopted as a transportation fuel by countries around the world. However, natural gas may cost more expensive than electricity as its price goes volatile in the long term.

Recently emerging Blink expands fast as investors believe EV’s power and maintenance costs are cheaper than gas and petrol-fueled vehicles. Nevertheless, it is still not in the profit-making stage as 12 months based EPS stays negative.

A big opportunity is shining to Clean Energy by pointing to fresh Blink that may soon pressure on petrol and gas stations. Acquiring Blink could guarantee the fastest expansion to Clean Energy.

Although Blink has negative earnings its stock price is higher than CLNE. However, Clean Energy’s market capitalization is twice greater than Blink Charging.