What If Electra Meccanica Gets Autonomous Driving Developed by NVIDIA?

To win customers in developed markets EV manufacturers come out with different approaches. The main tool to quickly get customers’ attention is autonomous driving. Several EV makers are adopting this feature while others are not doing it yet due to several reasons.

Recent news regarding NVIDIA to develop AI-backed automatic driving for Mercedes-Benz could initiate a partnership with other carmakers as they are enthusiastic about adding autopilot feature to their EVs mostly to compete with Tesla.

Well known car maker for Solo model Electra Meccanica came up with two models; eRoadster and Tofino. Its retro-looking eRoadster can’t apply for autopilot because its classic patterns could be lost by the screen in front of the driver.

Solo and Tofino can easily employ the autonomous driving system to add a competitive advantage in the emerging EV market. Eventually, its revenue may surge along with the stock. After NVIDIA develops the first automatic driving for MB other car manufacturers may flock in to get massive purchase orders with customized types.