What If Elon Musk Tweets About Baby Doge Coin?

Meme token lovers are waiting for Elon Musk to tweet about the next meme token that is destined to rocket in minutes. As we all know DOGE and SHIB rocketed due to his tweets. Right now we don’t get surprised with meme tokens getting quick attention from masses who are ready to invest millions.

There are many speculations about the next Musk’s tweets regarding meme tokens. Somebody say Elon may buy a specific token at a microscopic price and tweet it in seconds to pump by 1000x or even 100000x in hours. That’s why visionary token traders are sparing hundreds of U.S dollars for several tokens like Baby Doge, Shibnobi, Saitama Inu, Mononoke Inu, Floki Inu, and many others.

Let’s see a possible case with Baby Doge Coin that has a similar name to DogeCoin. If Elon tweets it again, just in days you will see it losing several zeros. $100 investment in weeks becomes $100k or even $1 million. This possible situation may happen to any meme token that has even a weak and small community. So, start picking some meme cryptos to become a millionaire in weeks.

baby doge coin