What If Tesla Acquires Nio, Rivian, Nikola, or Electra Meccanica?

What would happen if the only giant EV manufacturer Tesla that wants to enter all segments of the auto industry by removing CO2 emission vehicles significantly, buys up Nio, Rivian, Nikola, or Electra Meccanica? These manufacturers are already well established and have reliable customer bases.

Nio’s position in China is very stable, especially in sales. More than one billion Chinese market is heaven for new EV offers. Acquiring Nio could guarantee for Tesla smooth sales in China and even other Asian markets.

American SUV and pick up truck manufacturer Rivian only uses electric batteries in R1T and R1S models that are available for preorders. Soon Ford F 150 could be replaced by these huge vehicles as the U.S market loves big cars. Buying the entire Rivian may boost revenue in the SUV segment.

Nikola is very well known for its hydrogen and power backed heavy trucks. Getting this company leads to drastic growth in sales to commercial parties as logistics is a blood of the economy.

Sports, convertible, and one seat electric cars are found only in Electra Meccanica’s offers. Solo model is the cheapest EV on the market available right now. In urban areas, people would like to commute faster and Electra Meccanica came up with it so its stock got the name “SOLO”. Tesla might expand in this segment too by acquiring the entire Electra Meccanica.

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