What is Pushing ABML Stock Up?

Since January ABML has been growing with a bit of volatility from $1.02 to $1.6150 as of today. So what is going on with the stock that has no earnings yet? Visionary investors have already seen what American Battery Materials or ABM has been doing since its first steps into the lithium recycling and processing industry. They could notice several developments within the company:

ABM is accepting Biden’s challenge to meet a secure domestic supply of battery metals

The company hired an industry expert as the director of research and development

ABM has secured 1800 acres of land which is claimed to have lithium in the territory of Nevada

It started resource exploration by drilling lithium-bearing areas in Tonopah, Nevada

The design and procurement process of the plant has started last year’s June, later in February of 2022 ABM has already started constructing the battery metals processing¬†plant

Looking at the achievements above any professional investor may start buying several thousands of ABML shares which can grow further in the next years.abml stock