What Is The Future Of The New Metaverse DAO Token?

Metaverse DAO is an absolutely new cryptocurrency that was launched this month in January 2022 and created by a core team of six blockchain experts. The newly launched new token presents itself as a decentralized platform based on the $MDAO token, which provides and supports the Metaverse DAO. According to Coinmarketcap, the platform is in the top 2 trendings, giving the trading volume of $781,102 by 32% in the last 24 hours. MDAO coin price is currently observing a bearish trend on the daily chart by losing 12% to $0.002047. However, it has skyrocketed by more than 390% within a week.

Moreover, the MDAO team decided to create a completely immersive, interactive DAO for the user based on the Ethereum network. And most importantly, the platform is focused on the long-term and successful distribution of treasury funds. The project is aimed at creating NFT games, 3D and VR games, and investing in teams and parties with a long-term vision for Play-To-Earn games.