What Is The Purpose Of Baby Shiba Coin?

Baby Shiba Coin has a maximum supply of 420,000,000 BABYSHIBA, 40% of which has already been burned before launch. In the first hours of appearing on CMC, the token blasted off 247% from $0.0095 to $0.033. Today at noon Asian time, the price had dropped to $0.0132, after which it surged to $0.0233 with a trading volume of $4,893,968. It is very similar to previous meme tokens, with the only difference being that this project has learned all the mistakes of its predecessors and is going to offer new ideas and become influential in the crypto world. Its growth will depend on both the developers and the community.

Baby Shiba Coin

Baby Shiba Coin announced that in addition to CMC and СoinGecko, it is also live on Uniswap. On Twitter, it lures investors with the words “if you are a fan of Shiba Inu, then you will definitely like BabyShibaCoin.” It has been revealed that the latter is targeting SHIB fans and aims to reach 10% of the SHIB market cap, which is $15,484,820,070. At the time of writing, BabyShibaCoin is valued at $9,440,313.