What Is The Reason For The Success Of Roblox In 2022?

Roblox Corporation is one of those companies that is growing day by day. It’s developing online platforms and has Roblox Client, Roblox Studio, Roblox Cloud. Thanks to the Roblox Client, users can explore 3D worlds. Roblox Studio provides tools to allow players to create various items. Roblox Cloud is designed to support the platform, offering various services for this. RBLX is trading at $80.49, which is the same price as six months ago. According to the chart for the past half-year, the worth was stable until November, after which the price rose to $134.72 on November 19.


There are so many factors influencing the success of ROBLOX in 2022. One of them is that it will benefit from the fact that the famous personality Paris Hilton will launch a metaverse business on this platform, just like Tommy Hilfiger launched a digital fashion business for the heroes of the game Roblox. There is also a Nikeland metaverse on Roblox, launched by Nike at the end of last year. When Facebook changed its name to Meta, the shares of many gaming companies skyrocketed, as did ROBLOX. The huge interest of the players that appeared during the pandemic is still stable, and every day the number of users increases by 50 million. Bookings are up 28% for a total of about $638 million.