What Is The Value Of The Joe Token?

Today, JOE’s price has fallen 16.3% and is trading at $2.83. Over the month, the indicators have fallen by 27.6%. Trader JOE is a universal decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network. First, it will be launched with regular trading, and then with lending, which together will offer trading with leverage. Holders of tokens will be able to profit from commissions. All swaps include a 0.3% trading charge.

Users can convert JOE to xJOE to receive 0.05 % of all swaps, with the remaining 0.25 % going to liquidity providers, similar to SUSHI. xJOE holders will receive a percentage of earned interest and closed liquidations when lending begins in the future. Pre-sales, seed investors, or venture capital contributions will not be available. The management model at Trader Joe’s is team-oriented and community-oriented. This means that while the core team will market the product, the community’s input will always be heard and taken into consideration.