What to Expect From NWBO, CYDY, ELTP, ENZC, KBLB, RGBP During the Bear Market?

Despite bulls and bears, biotech stocks make moves due to clinical and corporate updates. In the OTC market, they sharply go up and down so often as even watchers do not have enough time to react. Today we are going to dive into what NWBO, CYDY, ELTP, ENZC, KBLB, and RGBP stocks have prepared for experienced traders in recessionary markets.

Regen BioPharma (RGBP)

This stock is not dead yet. Four months ago the company updated the stakeholders on its intellectual property portfolio which consists of granted patents, scientific applications, and pending applications as well. A pretty good amount of IPs were disclosed that day. RGBP still has a chance to offer potential candidates that can boost patients’ immunity.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories (KBLB)

A week ago KBLB started surging amid announcing the next step to launch the Spydasilk apparels brand. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is a well-known biotech company that focuses on the development and commercialization of spider silk. Recently, its COO visited Vietnam to finalize Spydasilk’s outsourcing processes.

Enzolytics (ENZC)

To combat the monkeypox virus Enzolytics is employing its AI tech which can find its weak points. After the company released its first attempts in discovering the virus ENZC stock began gaining momentum.

Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP)

Four days ago Elite Pharmaceuticals’ awesome Q1 2022 financial results were revealed. Eventually, the stock began rising. There is obvious speculation that ELTP might be included in the U.S stock exchanges due to having ‘healthy’ financial statements.

CytoDyn (CYDY)

More than 10 days ago CytoDyn made a webcast to update the stakeholders. Hopefully, there will be a fresh announcement that could push CYDY shares up again.

Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO)

Four weeks ago Northwest updated us with its upcoming presentation on DCVax personalized vaccines, manufacturing, and clinical program. For the whole last week, NWBO was trading sideways. If any update pops the stock might drastically move up or down.