What You Should Know About MonkeyBall?

The play-to-earn platform is gaining momentum every day. It is easier for many people to play and earn money than to expect many days to earn money. Today we will talk about Monkeyball. MonkeyBall (MBS) token had announced an initial $3 million funding from crypto’s TOP VCs on October 21. Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, iAngels, and others were among the venture capital companies and angel investors who participated in the investment round. I want to remind you that MonkeyBall was set as Flagship IDO for StarLaunch.

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MonkeyBall is a fast arcade soccer AAA video game, where players meet in a football match between two teams, each of which has 4 Monkeys playing, as in real football, in four positions: Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalkeeper. Each half has 6 rounds, and the team that scores 3 goals first wins.

In this soccer universe, users are divided into three: the owner of the stadium, the players, and the spectators who support the teams. After each match, the in-game currency, $MBS, is divided between the winner, the spectators who supported the winners, and the owner of the stadium. Players have the opportunity to increase the abilities of their monkeys, raise their spirits, and train.