What’s Interesting About Wall Street Games?

In December 2021, the Wall Street Games launched a mobile app on Appstore and Google Play. According to the official site, the network is a hybrid blockchain with a BEP-20 developed by Binance Smart Chain. During the day, the price is moving upward by more than 5% from $0.00000002368. It had a total market cap of $7,788,724, and the trading volume equaled $2,738,811 within a day. By the way, this month it was launched on Metis. Here is more information about the platform.

Despite the fact that Wall Street Games is not a meme coin. Moreover, the site currently has two games, where users can play Coin Explorer and The Trader. And soon, the network is planning to launch another game called The Roller. In the game, the winners are determined by the rating of who scored the most points. The network claims that the game is quite manageable to play with a minimum number of controls. In the 1st quarter of 2022, it is expecting a partnership with a leading blockchain gaming platform.