Which Is Better For PC Gamers? Desktop Or Laptop?

Are you a PC gamer? Want the best hardware to play PC games on? You’re not alone!

According to Statista, as of 2020, there is an estimated 1.75 billion PC gamers worldwide. This statistic is credited, since digital video game storefronts like Steam and Epic Games have grown in popularity over the years.

So, if you’re in the market for a PC, which is better? A gaming desktop or a gaming laptop?

Both machines are popular in the PC gaming world, but which one is the best for PC gamers PERIOD?

This post will delve into both gaming hardware, and then determine which of the two offers the most in PC gaming. Keep in mind: The preferred hardware may vary, since no two PC gamers are alike.

Four Factors

“When comparing gaming desktops to gaming laptops, it’s important to first look at four different factors,” says Andrew Mitchell, a web developer at 1day2write and Write My X. “These four factors are overall performance, portability, price, and upgradability. These factors can help you determine the differences between the two machines, and which one will be the best for your gaming needs.”

With that in mind, we will now delve into the four main factors, in terms of gaming desktops and laptops:

Which Is Great For Performance?

First, performance is essential for PC gaming. While gaming laptops have evolved over the years when it comes to performing well, they still can’t compare to a beast rig – courtesy of the gaming desktop. Desktops has more power in its hardware than laptops. This allows for more graphic brilliance and less lag during gameplay.

VERDICT: If you’re looking for high-quality performance in PC gaming, then go for the gaming desktop.

Which Is Great For Portability?

“Sometimes, PC gamers will look for portability, when playing PC games,” says Barbara Smithey, a PC blogger at Britstudent and Coursework Help. “Gaming laptops are ideal for PC gamers who want to take their gaming on the go. Gaming laptops tend to be thinner and lighter than desktops. Therefore, it’s perfect for gamers who want to take their PC gaming on a trip.”

VERDICT: When it comes to portability, the gaming laptop is the better option.

Which Is Great In Pricing?

For budget gamers – especially those in the PC gaming camp – pricing is crucial when shopping for games, hardware, and so on.

With gaming desktops, you’ll need to consider what your desktop will need. In fact, you’re going to have to buy a separate monitor, mouse, and keyboard, in order to have a legitimate gaming desktop.

With gaming laptops, they offer an all-in-one solution of combining a monitor, mouse, and keyboard into the hardware itself. Unfortunately, this comes with the caveat of paying higher prices for a gaming laptop – that’s the price of portability.

VERDICT: Despite having to find separate components to make it 100% a gaming PC, it’s cheaper to go with a gaming desktop, rather than having to pay more for an all-in-one gaming laptop.

Which Is The Most Upgradable?

Finally, PC gamers are no strangers to upgrading their gaming hardware. In fact, many PC gamers are willing to find and buy upgradable components, so that they can have the best gaming experience possible. 

But the most upgradable type of gaming hardware would be the gaming desktop. Upgradability is actually a pro in the gaming desktop camp, because things like rigs, monitors, etc. can be dabbled with and replaced by expert PC gamers. This cannot be achieved so easily with a gaming laptop. 

VERDICT: If you’re the dabbling type, and love taking apart gaming hardware to add or replace things to improve gameplay, then the gaming desktop is made for that!


So, which hardware is better for PC gamers? Desktop or laptop?

The truth is, what’s better depends on the PC gamer. If you want the ability to take your gaming anywhere, then the gaming laptop is a good choice. However, if you want high-quality performance and upgradability, then go for the gaming desktop. 

As you can tell, between the two options, desktops have many pros, despite laptops having unique pros of their own. So, the next time you’re in the market for a gaming PC, think about the following:

  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Pricing, AND
  • Upgradability

No matter which hardware you choose, it’s all about comfort when PC gaming. The choice is yours! Happy gaming!

Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Write My Research Paper. He is also a contributing writer at Thesis Help . As a content writer, he writes articles about tech trends, gaming, and coding. In his spare time, he likes to build PCs and play games on his gaming desktop.