Who Owns More Than 20% Of Tuniu Shares?

Tuniu Corporation, a Chinese online company, helps tourists with issues such as hotel booking, visa processing, car rental and insurance, and other travel-related matters. In addition, it provides financial services, buys tickets for flights and attractions, finds tours, etc. All of its products are available at tuniu.com. Like other travel stocks, TOUR has also suffered during the pandemic – the price has fallen below $1. In March 2021, it quadrupled, but by the end of the year, it was trading below $1 again. However, the monthly chart shows a price growth of $41.6 to 1.36% with a market cap of $169.216M.


Some institutional investors and hedge funds have changed their holdings on the shares of this travel company. Now they own 23.49% of Tuniu’s shares. Thus, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP and Penserra Capital Management LLC increased their shares by 9.9% and 12.3%, respectively. Penserra Capital Management LLC now holds 102,674 shares after acquiring over 11,000 of TOUR. MARSHALL WACE ASIA Ltd spent $115,000 to buy shares in Q3, while Connor Clark & ​​Lunn Investment Management Ltd surged its holdings 345%.