Why Can’t Snapchat (SNAP) Become a Crypto Exchange Like Chinese WeChat?

It is often seen that social media platforms with big user bases often pivot to other businesses eventually. It is all a matter of leveraging their user base. Snapchat (owned by SNAP inc, NASDAQ: SNAP) is now one of the more popular social media platforms in the world.

Why Can’t Snapchat (SNAP) Become a Crypto Exchange Like Chinese WeChat?

It might be an interesting proposition if the company decided to copy Chinese company WeChat and turn it into a crypto exchange. In addition to that, it is also necessary to add that Bitcoin and Snapchat are things that are joined in the hip when it comes to policies regarding privacy.

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While Bitcoin allows people to send money anonymously, Snapchat allows conversations to simply vanish after a while, and therein lies the possibility of synergy. It is a long shot at this point and there have been reports about the possibility of Snapchat turning into a crypto exchange, however, it is an intriguing notion nonetheless. Cryptocurrencies have become highly popular in recent times and it might not be long before some of the biggest corporations move into it.

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