Why DiDi Avoids Crypto As a Payment Medium

China’s ride-hailing and delivery company DiDi seems not interested in crypto when younger generations are crazily loving digital coins and NFTs. If DiDi starts accepting even old Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment vehicles to ease speedy transactions because crypto wallets are plenty. So what is making Didi restrain itself from a huge opportunity?

The main factor is the local policies of the main Chinese market. DiDi has the largest customer database in China. Making any deal with cryptos is prohibited there. However, in other markets, DiDi is free to practice decentralized financing from crypto wallets. A very clear example is Binance. It was having a huge obstacle in China in running its digital business. Migrating from a too strict country to a crypto-friendly one could allow Binance to keep its business safely.

Seeing at ride-sharing Lyft or Uber we see no development in getting closer to the crypto world. That’s why DiDi is not in a hurry to accept digital currencies. This could be a very clear answer for a while. Western taxi apps never sleep, they keep being updated almost every month. Soon we might face something different from them in conducting smooth crypto transactions. However, they most probably will require KYC-based wallets.

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