Why Digerati (DTGI) Stock Might Rocket After Being Listed on Nasdaq

Through SPAC (Special Acquisition company) MEOA cloud services specialized Digerati (OTC: DTGI) is to be listed on Nasqad after being delisted from over-the-counter markets. Right now the stock is barely reaching $0.15 after falling from $0.1910 but the volume gets about 14 million shares.

Both companies will be combined with $228 million in equity. $145 million is going to be assisting its enterprise value. At the same time, DTGI shareholders will remain by owning 100% of their shares. Most likely reverse stock split is about to take its honorable part in creating a new Nasdaq listed company.

This month the stock could appear on Nasdaq with more than a $5 value and being a trending ticker on major stock screeners. So we assume that adding DTGI to the watchlist is already being done by experienced day traders.

dtgi stock