Why Do Global Brands Love Qualtrics Products?

Qualtrics International provides The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform, which helps users find customers and employees, develop quality and trending products, take into account all customer needs, and comprehensively evaluate each product. Its second offering platform is DesignXM, through which you can get market insights, create new services, and more. At the end of the fourth quarter, XM stock was worth $35.91, up 32% from the price at the close of the last trading session. Today, after hours, the worth gained 10% to $26.7, with the fourth quarter and 2021 results released today showing the huge demand for Qualtrics products.


Qualtrics’ CEO, Zig Serafin said that in the fourth quarter, many of the world’s major brands turned to Qualtrics as experience management became an important part of business success. Thus, the company passed the $1 billion mark in revenue with 16,750 customers in a year. Total revenue for 3 months was $316 million, up 48% from Q4 2020, while for the year this figure jumped 41% to $1,075 million. Q4 net loss soared $295.3 million from the last quarter of 2020 to $309.8 million. For the year, the net loss rose to $1,059 million.