Why Does ChampInu’s Price Drop Sharply After CMC Listing?

Another new token, CHAMPINU, was listed on CoinMarketCap this afternoon. After the listing, the price jumped 78% to $0.00000000218. However, closer to midnight, it instantly fell to $0.000000000403. This BSC-based coin is owned by The ChampInu Ecosystem, a one-of-a-kind project building a community casino. Its goal is to create a high-quality and growing ecosystem that brings utility and income. According to its website, early adopters will be able to get the Champ. Champ is an NFT that can be used in its P2E game.


The launch of the token and its pre-sale took place on January 23. Given the number of followers on its Twitter account, many assumed that the price and popularity would instantly skyrocket. In addition, it was mentioned in the publications of such major financial information providers as MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, BSC News, etc. Today, this project faced an unpleasant situation – its Solidity developer turned out to be a scammer, who, using one function, took all the tokens into his wallet. However, he doesn’t currently have access to ChampInu. And representatives of the ecosystem said that they are still working on this problem.