Why Does Nokia Prefer AMD EPYC Processors?

The leader of the mobile phone market in 2000, Nokia Corporation, had announced that the report for the 4th quarter and fiscal year 2021 will be released on February 3, after which the stock rose 17 cents to $5.72. Over the past 5 days, the price has surged 8% with a market capitalization of $32.23 billion. In today’s premarket NOK rose almost 1%. Nokia conducts its business offering a wide range of services related to mobile networks, network infrastructure, and technologies.

Nokia’s Core Networks division now uses 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors to power servers to cut energy usage by 40%. This move shows Nokia’s tremendous efforts to diminish the environmental impact of the ICT industry. AMD EPYC and Nokia’s cloud-native Core software will reduce the carbon footprint of their networks. AMD EPYC will go on sale during the first half of this year and then customers can purchase it from both Nokia and other suppliers. Nevertheless, other chips used by Nokia will also be available.