Why HMBL Stock is Still Humble

When Tesoro and Humble announced a merger there was a most likely new Crowdstrike coming to the tech industry with its payment apps available in both Apple Store and Play Store. Nevertheless, the brand new ticker symbol HMBL of that time couldn’t reach even $10 value even though many corporate updates were announced such as:

  • Partnering with Grabby Thomas
  • Syndication Partnership with Ticket Evolution
  • Launching HUMBL NFT gallery
  • Strategic collaboration with BlOCKS
  • Launching¬† HUMBL Pay
  • Acquiring BizSecure
  • Buying Ixaya, tech firm

Looking at all these updates a reasonable investor would think that Humbl shares could trade now at around the $50 mark. Perhaps, being at the territory of the OTC market pulls HMBL back to the penny stocks list. Maybe, its software isn’t competitive enough to make a counter-offensive against big payment platforms like Paypal, Payoneer, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Skrill. Our recommendation for the Humbl developers is to create a fully functional crypto wallet feature inside the platform.