Why is Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP) Moving Up Non-Stop?

If you are looking into stocks that might have recorded significant gains over the course of the past couple of months then it might be hard to overlook the Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd (OTC: ALPP) stock. The stock has gained a staggering 3600% over the course of the past two months and the rally continued on Thursday. Yesterday, the Alpine 4 stock grew as high as 20% although there was no news with regards to the company.

However, it could be useful to back to a development that took place back on January 26. On that day, the company announced that it was awarded the second of the two patents which are related to its rear-end collision avoidance product Brake Active.

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It is a significant development for the company and hence, the excitement among investors with regards to the Alpine 4 stock is understandable. Further developments regarding this product are worth watching for investors who might be interested in the stock.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor