Why is Asia Broadband (AABB) Stock Surging Today?

When coins are losing their values dramatically NFTs keep getting cheaper to give more opportunities to new NFT millionaires as they are born from bear markets.

This time Asia Broadband is jumping into a vastly large market that has billions in its capitalization that allows anyone to quickly gain 10x or even 1000x returns. This decisive step has suddenly brought more buyers just in a day.

Hundreds of crypto trading platforms have entered into NFT market recently after many celebrities have shown their abrupt interest in the metaverse industry. Even Facebook has changed its widely known brand to Meta.

AABB’s revenue will most likely jump after successful operations in easing the exchange between NFT traders. However, to provide liquidity to any NFT the exchange platform needs a lot of funds. This is the hardest challenge that could stop Asia Broadband from offering NFTs.

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