Why Is AT&T Stock Gaining Momentum This Month?

AT&T Inc. world’s largest telecommunications company which is now focusing on two types of 5G. During the week, the stock gradually boosted from $26.15 to $26.99, but now, it is open at $26.87. Despite this, the company recently announced that it will soon deploy its C-band as part of its 5G+ technology. AT&T 5G+ has ultra-fast speeds and improved connectivity, enabling innovation and exciting opportunities in high-traffic locations. And most importantly, AT&T 5G+ is open in 44 cities and various localities across the country.


This year, the company continues to achieve its goals of expanding customer relationships through wireless, fiber, and HBO Max. The company’s goal is to use the C-band by the end of 2022, hoping to reach 70 to 75 million people, while by 2023, it is planned to reach 200 million people. Recall that in its profit indicated by the company for 2021, the net increase in fiber amounted to about 1 million additions per year. AT&T ended 2021 with an additional 2.6 million fiber customer locations, compared to its previous estimate of 2.5 million.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter